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April 12, 2011 / Devin Wyngard

Is Social Shopping Just the Beginning?

According to Social Media Examiner nine in ten marketers use the Facebook platform as a marketing tool. In the past I have used Social media as a qualitative tool to build customer relationships, retain product/service feedback, and drive an occasional click-throughs to an outside site. Today companies are trying to associate ROI and conversions with Facebook interactions. Social Shopping opens up the opportunity leverage the ability to create conversions without ever leaving Facebook.

Startups are developing platforms that make it easy for companies to utilize Social Shopping in their strategy. 8th BRIDGE offers a unique solution to monetize your Facebook efforts. Its application allows merchants to experience 10 to 20 times engagement rates. The tool allows users to select products and checkout within the news feed and company pages. Other startups such as Shoutlet are using its social media knowledge and distribution tools to drive e-commerce through social media sites.

The technology that is offered by these startups although primarily being used for social media have true potential for growth. Think about applying the 8th BRIDGE technology to distribute a product selection within a display ad or on an organization website. The opportunities are endless with different implementations. List in the comments about what you think are some other implementations of these innovative technologies.


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